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openid for Google doesn't fetch email

I've been trying to get the email address requested from Google's openid.

However the implementation of django_authopenid included with Askbot uses the SREG system for requesting extensions like email and nickname.

I hacked together a solution based on this person's blog (the blog excludes the code you need to actually use the email and nickname)

But, my hacked version isn't good enough for Askbot. The official django_authopenid now requests the email and nickname correctly, so using the latest official django_authopenid would be a solution.

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asked 2012-06-29 03:20:00 -0600, updated 2012-06-29 04:19:33 -0600
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Hello @Jtrain. I had same considerations in the past about fetching email from Google. Can you clarify me something? What do you mean by saying "upgrading to that"?

alexandros.z's avatar alexandros.z (2012-06-29 03:54:09 -0600) edit

My question wasn't clear about what "that" was, so I've edited it

Jtrain's avatar Jtrain (2012-06-29 04:19:02 -0600) edit
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It would be ideal to delegate authentication to specialized modules like updated "django-authopenid" etc. and to simplify the askbot's authentication module.

So we could start with taking out openid logic from askbot and replace it with django-authopenid, while keeping our current UI and logic supporting association of the same user account with multiple login methods.

We have requirements to support traditiional login/password, openid, oauth, LDAP. In the near future we want to support various single sign on systems... So the list of requirements will grow.

In addition to that - we want the login method configurations and enabled/disabled states to be controllable from the web-interface which should be more or less in the same format as askbot's settings.

Not sure if there is a third party solution satisfying all of our requirements. So we may end up with an "aggregator" module talking to more specialized modules, and keep building our own UI. It might be worthwhile separating the login system into a dedicated application too.

In general it's a good time to focus on simplifying Askbot's code base by delegating more functions to well tested third party modules or by other means.

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answered 2012-06-29 04:07:32 -0600
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Sounds good. Authentication is difficult enough even when there is one system. Multiply that problem by X login systems.

I haven't seen any third party solutions that would bundle these methods up.

Jtrain's avatar Jtrain (2012-06-29 04:22:08 -0600) edit
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