wide image layout issue on firefox

I fixed this on my site, so I cannot demo (or upload a screenshot due to karmitis)

I've seen this on firefox 4, 12, 22 on win7, and firefox 22 on ubuntu. If the image is wider than 705 pixels, the whole post layout is broken.

It appears since the layout is fixed anyway, an appropriate change is (705px instead of max-width:100%) :

.question-page .post-body img {
    max-width: 705px;

For some reason, the 'fork-and-edit' button wasn't working so I was lazy, but happy to do a PR on github if so desired.

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Ian Schneider
asked 2013-07-23 12:15:21 -0500
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It is an issue. Could you see if your solution works for narrower screens? Just squeeze the browser window and see what happens.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2013-07-23 15:47:59 -0500) edit

In both firefox and chrome, there appears to be no serious ill-effects when sizing the window (at least IMHO). The image width remains at 705px regardless of the browser width. This results in a horizontal scroll bar appearing. However, I can get a scroll bar on a post w/ out an image depending on the width (sometimes it is not present).

Ian Schneider's avatar Ian Schneider (2013-07-23 16:21:22 -0500) edit
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