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RFE: Ask Fedora Forum improvements

RFE for Ask Fedora upstream

  • It would be nice if there is a "reply" button for each comment posted by members.
  • I have seen that, most of the people doesn't mention their software/hardware specification when asking a question and hence we have to ask to update the question with the specification every time. It would be nice if there is a template that needs to be filled out related to the configuration before submitting a question! Details can be Fedora version, Desktop manager, version of the software, RAM, Laptop/Desktop make & model, processor, Graphics card..
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asked 2013-09-06 02:29:56 -0500
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2 Answers


I'm a bit concerned about this topic (in order to send the changes to Askbot upstream), due to askbot is a Q&A forum of general purpose and not only for our Fedora purposes.

I'm trying to do a code for integrate the feature of hardware and software specifications on the admin settings,and my plan is this.

Make a series of dropdowns (if applies) on "Ask your question" just to above of "Please enter your question" input text, with the bugzilla style; with the fields,

  • Fedora version
  • Desktop manager
  • Name and version of the software
  • RAM
  • Laptop/Desktop model processor
  • Graphics card.

If we want to parametrize this, we have to handle this fields on the admin settings. and I'm not sure where is better put them

if the admin settings there are 5 supergroups

  • Reputation, Badges, Votes & Flags
  • Static Content, URLS & UI'
  • Data rules & Formatting
  • External Services
  • Login, Users & Communication

How can you see is not there any groups where can to apply this new feature and one choice would to add one more.

  • Hardware and Software Specifications (and this only applies to Fedora and others Q&A forums with relation to tech)

Can you @Evgeny give me one idea about handle this, without affect the natural line of the askbot development or merely, I shouldn't worry about it? because as I said, this change is just relative to forums tech

Thanks for advance for any idea. ;)

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answered 2014-01-31 02:26:23 -0500
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+1 "reply" button +1 "question templates"

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answered 2013-09-07 21:11:14 -0500
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