Cannot post answer as a new user.

I've registered to a while ago, because I just had an answer to a question I saw there. After registering, the app says with karma 1 I can "Post questions, answers and comments; Upvote; Insert clickable links".

When I tried to answer the question, I just wrote the answer and clicked the "Post answer" button. The page reloaded, but the answer didn't show in the list of answers. Instead, I was presented with the answer editor with my answer pre-filled. No error dialog anywhere.

So I tried to post as a comment, which worked. Then I clicked to "convert to answer", which also worked! And then, when I wanted to edit the answer, the system told me I don't have enough karma to post links. Actually, there had already been one link in my answer (the converted one).

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asked 2013-10-14 09:21:32 -0500
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