Authentication issue when deploy to subdirectory (/qa) and enable private mode ?

asked 2014-04-22 01:52:44 -0500

Vu Quang Chien's avatar

Recently I've moved my Askbot instance to a subdirectory of Apache ( After performing some editing in askbot's file, the site looks good.

However, when I enable private forum mode ( Admin > Access control settings > Allow only registered user to access the forum = True ). I couldn't access the website.

For every page I tried to access, it redirects me to 404 not found page. It seems to me that the login page /qa/account/signin/?next=/qa/ is somehow protected by unauthorized users. My guest is when develop the subdirectory mode, somehow the login page is not taken into account.

Could you please help? Thanks. My Askbot version is 0.7.48

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