Extra p html tags added in the profile page

I'm using the master branch at github.

When I type a sentence in my profile, I get extra p tags, see here:

This does not occur at the askbot site, see here:

Anybody knows why?

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asked 2014-07-16 03:43:28 -0600
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I was about to ask a similar question, as this also happens in comments on ask-sage at ask.sagemath.org, if the link is at the end of a paragraph. A workaround is to add a period after the link, but that should be fixed in askbot (maybe askbot.org/en/ is running a more recent version of askbot than the version at qr.microalg.info and the version at ask-sage?)

slelievre's avatar slelievre (2014-07-16 10:02:11 -0600) edit

Thanks @slelievre for upvoting my question. You say «if the link is at the end of a paragraph», but does it occur also with a simple sentence with no link? Maybe we should post an issue?

ProfGra's avatar ProfGra (2014-07-17 06:42:00 -0600) edit

In fact the problem you mention and the one on ask.sagemath.org are slightly different. The one you describe is in a user profile field, where html opening and closing p tags appear in clear text. What I saw on ask.sagemath.org is just a closing html p tag, which is not visible but appended to the href of the link, so it's more sneaky, because the link looks fine, but when you click it you get a "Not Found" because you get sent to the wrong url. It could be that these two bugs are linked, and we should certainly file an issue, do you know how to do that?

slelievre's avatar slelievre (2014-07-17 08:05:26 -0600) edit
ProfGra's avatar ProfGra (2014-07-17 08:24:35 -0600) edit

@Evgeny Oops, it seems that the bug is on this instance too!

ProfGra's avatar ProfGra (2014-07-17 08:26:07 -0600) edit
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