Askbot bugs - where are the known bugs?


I have several problems with that really bugs me. #1: When I do moderation, the multiple message (Message approved - fills the whole screen) lines are makes unavailable to continue the work, and need to always close them by hand. #2: When the user inserts a picture, the automated resizing function works outside the forum flow. But no effect whatsoever in moderation, and just receive oversized huge pictures,code and content...that makes bloated moderation screen. #3: When user makes an question, there is no direct feedback or mark in his box that " your question awaiting for moderation" #4: Flagged messages counter: askbot really weirdly counts the flagged messages, and as I have noticed the yellow message rush is related with. #5: When a user select the green checkmark that he/she has the answer has accepted, wouldn't be possible to ask user that If the question is solved, would he/she close the question? Or maybe have some stamp graphics, that question is solved.... because the green checkmark not really tells that.

+1: Your contact menu part is not working. I have filled everything, and with correct recapcha still misses the message field and other parts.

Thanks Zoltan

PS: Where can I see bugreports, known problems?

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asked 2014-07-20 03:04:09 -0600
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