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Problem with CSRF setting

asked 2011-04-25 09:14:59 -0500

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updated 2011-04-25 18:10:49 -0500

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Tried to login, and got the following exception. Looks like there needs to be a 'CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW' variable in

AttributeError at /account/signin/
'Settings' object has no attribute 'CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW'
Request Method: POST
Request URL:
Exception Type: AttributeError
Exception Value:    
'Settings' object has no attribute 'CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW'
Exception Location: /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/utils/ in __getattr__, line 276
Python Executable:  /usr/local/bin/python
Python Version: 2.6.6
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answered 2011-04-25 12:02:20 -0500

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Hi Benoit,

Yes the file will need to be modified.


CSRF_COOKIE_NAME = 'somename'
CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN = '' #your domain name



That CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW is missing is a defect, but you only see that when there is a csrf error, which hopefully will go away soon.

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With an influx of new users, we're starting to see more of the CSRF_FAILURE_VIEW messages (they have a wrong URL, but still) Is there a way to simply redirect to a static page instead of showing the exception?
Benoit's avatar Benoit  ( 2011-05-17 09:57:25 -0500 )edit

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