@nickname problem by jolla askbot together

Hello askbot team and community,

On the jolla askbot website seems to be a problem when we try to write to someone with the @ character if the Nickname is the same as the other one but in Capital. For example a system admin has the nickname as eric (all letter are small), And an other one (something new) has the 1st in Capital as Eric.

The problem was for me, most of the time to reach the admin i wrote all letters small and automatically the system has corrected with the first as capital, and attribute the link to the other one.

With this problem some people sometimes could not be aware of some request from other users. Goes for my part really on the nerves... I don't if it is a bug or a concept problem.

In JOlla askbot has a version 0.7.49

What could we do?

Best regards

asked 2014-12-22 17:49:11 -0500
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