How to set up ldap authentication for askbot?

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Hello, I tried several solutions but no one helped me. I installed python-ldap module, and changed settings/LDAP_SETTINGS settings in the next way LDAP protocol version = version 3 LDAP URL = ldap:// LDAP encoding = utf-8 Base DN (distinguished name) = DC=example,DC=com User search filter template = (%s=%s) UserID/login field = sAMAccountName "Common Name" = blank "Common Name" field format = First name, Last name Given (First) name = givenName Surname (last) name = sn LDAP Server EMAIL field name = mail

I also added to the : LDAP_LOGIN_DN = 'askbot' LDAP_PASSWORD = 'My_secure_password'

But ldap authentications is not working. I tryed to find "askbot.deps.django_authopenid.backends.ldap_authenticate" function to insert a break point, but I haven't found it.

Can someone show correct settings for ldap?

asked 2015-02-05 09:32:39 -0500
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