Search results only showing old hits

I am having some difficulties with the search functionality.

Every time I search for something, I only receive results of questions and answers that are pretty old. I cannot pinpoint exactly how old, but a question that is 1 week old isn't showing in the results, even if it has the exact search term in it.

I have had one PostgreSQL issue with my hosting provider, in the sense that the _seq database items had wrong permissions and were not writable by Askbot for some days a while back. I cannot say if the results that are showing occurred before that issue or after it. It happens during a migration from PostgreSQL 9 to a PostgreSQL 8 database.

Is there some periodic task that need to be run for the organic search (not solr or haystack) to index the information? Is there a way to rebuild or debug it?

I am using Askbot 0.7.50 with PostgreSQL 8.4.20.

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Marco Poli
asked 2015-03-19 07:35:09 -0500, updated 2015-03-19 07:37:47 -0500
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