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who has upvoted what ?

I have setup my own askbot on local have 10-15 dummy users wanted to know how can i get which user has upvoted which question/answer [may be from database ].

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asked 2016-03-31 23:21:08 -0600
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1 Answer


If you are logged in with an administrator account you can visit each user's profile page and check the "votes" tab, where you will see what questions and users this particular user voted up or down.

As an administrator, you can also access "" which is a web interface to the Django admin, maybe you can find information about votes there.

There may be better ways to get what you're looking for, let's hope that expert askbot admins can answer.

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answered 2016-04-05 04:22:13 -0600
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is there any default password for admin ......i donot remember setting any password

manish's avatar manish (2016-04-05 07:53:22 -0600) edit

The first user created will have admin privileges so just use the password for that account.

MarcJose's avatar MarcJose (2016-04-23 17:17:52 -0600) edit
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