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Please help me to know if askbot 0.10.2 release supports https (secure) connection.

asked 2017-05-08 10:25:47 -0500

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Please help me to know if askbot 0.10.2 release supports https (secure) connection. Do i need to install any python modules. kindly support with the steps needed to enable https connection

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answered 2017-05-08 15:53:24 -0500

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All the Askbot version supports HTTPS by default You can easily enable the HTTPS by referring official Askbot Documentation. One thing you should remember it depends upon the web stack that you are using by default. Final suggestions you also need experience related to django web framework.

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Thank you Gopal, can you please share the relevant link as i am not able to locate appropriate documentation within the official Askbot Documentation.

sundeeppj's avatar sundeeppj  ( 2017-05-09 02:50:16 -0500 )edit
gopalraha's avatar gopalraha  ( 2017-05-09 10:47:29 -0500 )edit

The official documentation allows Askbot access over both HTTP and HTTPS. A simpler and arguably more secure approach would be to redirect all of the HTTP requests to their corresponding HTTPS URLs and only serve Askbot over HTTPS.

GeraldCombs's avatar GeraldCombs  ( 2017-05-15 12:45:53 -0500 )edit

@GeraldCombs you are 100% correct..

gopalraha's avatar gopalraha  ( 2017-05-26 01:22:55 -0500 )edit

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