Logout directing to white page

I am having troubles while logging out in Askbot 0.10.2. The app redirects to <url>/account/close-session and the return is a white page. Tried to change the mo file (in my case, pt_BR), and also setting LOGOUT_REDIRECT_URL = '/' in settings.py, but results were a no go. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

Igor Felix

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asked 2018-04-23 14:01:57 -0600
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It is caused by a bad request, as I just saw. But I don't know what causes it.

iffs's avatar iffs (2018-04-23 15:05:19 -0600) edit

Hey @iffs - Can you edit your question with more info about this "bad request" you are referring to? Do you have any error message popping up on your console or server log? BTW: have you changed anything about the LOGOUT_URL? I have just installed an AskBot 0.10.2 in my machine and the URL is **http://SERVER/account/signout/?next=/account/logout/**

Nigini A. Oliveira's avatar Nigini A. Oliveira (2018-06-11 01:22:27 -0600) edit
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