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How to limit account creation to invited-only users?

asked 2019-02-12 19:30:39 -0500

updated 2019-08-10 12:18:21 -0500

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Hi there,

Suppose I am deploying a community with ASKBOT. But because the site is still in the beginning, I would like to restrict the creation of accounts based on invitation until the site has enough content and information organization.

Is this implemented? I cannot find anything like that on the site settings page.


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answered 2019-02-20 02:25:38 -0500

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To limit registration of users with specific email addresses/ email domain names

In Settings → Login, Users & Communication → Access control settings->

Fill in "allowed email addresses" and/or "allowed email domain names"

To disable registration of new users:

In Settings → Login, Users & Communication → Access control settings-> Disable registration of new users (turn this option on), then new user registration is not allowed.

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answered 2019-06-10 09:37:30 -0500

There is a way to completely block account creation by new users, and only let registered users participate.

In that setting, only admins of the askbot-powered Q&A site can create accounts.

One way you could handle things is telling potential new users to reply to the invitation email by saying what username they want, and have one of the admins create the accounts with randomly generated passwords, which they email back to the new users, telling them to change their password once they have logged in.

I agree it would make more sense to have a "secret token" that you communicate in the invitation email and that unlocks account creation.

You might want to check if such a feature has been requested in the GitHub issue tracker for ASKBOT, and if not open a ticket for it there.

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