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Why just admin questions are notified by mail?

asked 2020-08-11 10:56:24 -0600


I installed askbot in my server and I just need the email alerts configuration to present it to my users.

According to my tests, just the questions created by the admin are notified by mail. I created another users but when a question is created by them, mails notifications do not arrive :(

I also decrease the value to be an approved user to 1, with no success.

Please any help is appreciated.

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answered 2020-08-12 17:49:50 -0600

After a lot of hours I found this:


    if askbot_settings.MIN_REP_TO_TRIGGER_EMAIL:
        if not (updated_by.is_administrator() or updated_by.is_moderator()):
            if updated_by.reputation < askbot_settings.MIN_REP_TO_TRIGGER_EMAIL:
                for_email = [u for u in notify_sets['for_email'] if u.is_administrator()]
                notify_sets['for_email'] = for_email

And I noticed of this configuration parameter in /settings/MIN_REP/

Trigger email notifications
Users with smaller reputation will not be generating email alerts
Default value: 15

I changed to 1, and my new questions of new users are being notified.

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Asked: 2020-08-11 10:56:24 -0600

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