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Add ability for users to ignore certain other users' posts

The above user spammed/overposted many many times, and it would be nice if I just didn't see his/her posts. =) A more complicated solution would be to have Hide/Unhide on a per question basis; almost the opposite of favorites, without any karma penalty.

When no admin is around to moderate, everyone is at the mercy of spammers. Also, the people who downvote such users only get penalized themselves since said user can't have his karma fall below 1. Perhaps a downvote should not cost the voter any karma if the target user is below a threshold, say 10? (Perhaps it already is, I haven't downvoted yet.)

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asked 2010-09-18 19:45:36 -0500
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updated 2012-08-25 22:50:18 -0500
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1 Answer


There are some mechanical moderation features (I'll respond on that tomorrow), but the best solution might be to elect some moderators (I've actually suggested this on your forum) who can actively clean things up and try to reason the "perpetrators" directly.

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answered 2010-09-18 21:38:39 -0500
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News about the features that i read on your answer? Thank You

I Like AskBot's avatar I Like AskBot (2012-08-27 08:29:32 -0500) edit

@I Like AskBot, You are asking for very many new features. The solutions to this is are (1) to obtain funding and hire people to implement the features and give them sufficient time or (2) wait till someone just contributes a high quality solution. Also - please keep in mind that we have to prioritize regardless of the availability of resources, because software development cannot be force-rushed.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-08-27 08:38:58 -0500) edit

yes i know and i do not want to force no one..

i'm sorry if caused a disturb with my "request" but u thought that was only a simple feedback with idea and if someone take it and develop or if the team think that could be a good idea work on to develop it.

I do not want to create problems to anyone and it would be interesting to know how partecipate to develop or if can be possible to ask directly something to us.

Really Sorry if i had something of uncorrect

I Like AskBot's avatar I Like AskBot (2012-08-27 09:04:37 -0500) edit

@Evgeny If you want to say me what can do a person to ask a specific feature may be we need it :)

I Like AskBot's avatar I Like AskBot (2012-08-31 15:42:57 -0500) edit
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