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No module named askbot_stm.urls

asked 2011-05-24 12:17:31 -0600

anonymous user


I just tried to put my askbot site online, but I get the following error :


Request Method: GET
Request URL: ___

Django Version: 1.3
Python Version: 2.6.4
Installed Applications:
Installed Middleware:

File "/opt/python2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/core/handlers/" in get_response
  101.                             request.path_info)
File "/opt/python2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/core/" in resolve
  250.             for pattern in self.url_patterns:
File "/opt/python2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/core/" in _get_url_patterns
  279.         patterns = getattr(self.urlconf_module, "urlpatterns", self.urlconf_module)
File "/opt/python2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/core/" in _get_urlconf_module
  274.             self._urlconf_module = import_module(self.urlconf_name)
File "/opt/python2.6/lib/python2.6/site-packages/django/utils/" in import_module
  35.     __import__(name)

Exception Type: ImportError at /
Exception Value: No module named askbot_stm.urls

askbot_stm in my project name, and there is definitely a file names in the root folder. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this ?

Thank you !

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2 Answers

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answered 2011-05-24 12:43:36 -0600

Evgeny's avatar

updated 2011-05-24 14:23:54 -0600

Hi, it's either because you do not have (even empty) in the askbot_stm directory, or this directory is not on the python system path.

There is an environment variable that you can use, called PYTHONPATH.

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answered 2011-05-24 13:23:35 -0600

AlexP's avatar

The file is there.

And I just wrote the two commands you gave me in a terminal, but I still have the error. Or should I put them in a file ?

Thank you for your help !

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Sorry, try directory that is one level above the askbot_stm in the command.
Evgeny's avatar Evgeny  ( 2011-05-24 13:26:51 -0600 )edit
It gives me the same result. But I juste notice that my wsgi was not the same as the one in the documentation. So I replace it, and now it work perfectly ! My bad ... I'm sorry for wasting your time. And thank you for your help !
AlexP's avatar AlexP  ( 2011-05-24 13:37:43 -0600 )edit
It gives me the same result.
AlexP's avatar AlexP  ( 2011-05-24 13:37:45 -0600 )edit

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