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Migrating to alternative

asked 2021-12-04 22:49:54 -0500

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This has been a fantastic forum software to use, but it would be very useful if there was a way to export this to another forum software such as wpforo. We are looking to move all our sites to WordPress.

For example, the software Go2wpForo is a converter for a number of forum software sources to wpforo. Has anyone managed to migrate askbot by customising or extending this tool?


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answered 2021-12-05 12:04:42 -0500

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updated 2021-12-05 12:12:53 -0500

Even though it's not an answer - but I'll use the right of the owner of this site to post here:

Askbot will receive an update. By February a new theme will be released - currently in progress (the focus is on a cleaner implementation, customizability and better responsive support), after that the frontend will be rewritten in SvelteKit. I will elaborate a bit later.

However, anyone is welcome to contribute the data export scripts, it's just that I cannot personally prioritize this work.

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Hi Evgeny - in our case the strategy is to move all our disparate systems into a single platform under WordPress including our ecommerce store, website, this forum and other things. This is to simplify management, reduce skillsets needed to manage digital assets. Any suggestions on how to export the forum would be appreciated.

Rupreck's avatar Rupreck  ( 2021-12-15 03:27:10 -0500 )edit

answered 2023-02-08 23:22:31 -0500

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