Would it be useful to limit tags?

I am wondering if it will be useful to let the admin decide all the tags that can be used. For the specific deployment I am thinking of, I would need to have Categories / Topics for which I am planning to use tags and by containing them to a dozen. Searching can always be accomplished by the search box without need for tags based querying. What do you think?

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asked 2012-01-09 13:43:10 -0500, updated 2012-01-09 13:44:05 -0500
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A dozen isn't really very many. Why do you want to do this? Free tagging has worked pretty for stackoverflow and variants.

Joseph's avatar Joseph (2012-01-10 01:24:37 -0500) edit

My target audience is going to be senior citizens and I don't want them to be overwhelmed with tags and want to use the tags to structure the content like a forum into defined topics (12 or more). So they can easily follow the topics (tags) they want. And when new content is submitted, the idea is to provide the predefined set of tags and ask them to choose one and file the question / discussion under that topic (tag).

alooanda's avatar alooanda (2012-01-10 01:36:30 -0500) edit
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