How can you avoid incomplete sentences in questions?

Q&A-websites a growing more and more, but like everywhere in the www the content determines the value of any website...

I recently noticed, that a lot of questions are not really question: instead many people use just a few words to describe, what they want to know. Although in most of the cases it becomes clear after reading the description of the (fragmented) "question" i cannot image that this could generate good, usable, valuable content for other poeple and therefore it should be the aim of a Q&A-website to prevent this behaviour.

Are there some developments to prevent incomplete sentences in questions? I don't say, it shouldn't be allowed at all... but people should become aware of this problem... Maybe there could be some alert before posting an incomplete sentence? Are there some ajax/jquery based plugins that could deal with this?

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asked 2012-01-15 13:10:42 -0500
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