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Askbot Bitnami application / AMI stack, is someone building one?

asked 2012-03-31 02:35:30 -0500

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OSQA has a bitnami stack, in fact this is what got me excited about Q&As and particularly excited about using OSQA because I could now quickly and cheaply run a OSQA instance.

Is someone building a stack / application for Bitnami / Amazon EC2? I will learn how to implement this if I have to. Someone just point me in the right direction as I'm a PHP programer not a Django programmer.

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answered 2013-03-18 11:16:05 -0500

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I've done a amazon beanstalk setup the last couple of days and ran into my own set of troubles doing that. But I densed it down into a step-by-step-guide I published as a gist here:

I'd appreciate some feedback on that. And I am currently also looking into how to share it as a one-click-setup on AWS. I let you know if I was able to figure that out.

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Going through your guide now, and so far so good. Can you let me know what problems you ran into?

asif's avatar asif  ( 2013-03-21 09:02:33 -0500 )edit

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