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Settings not taking effect

I'm modifying settings in the admin page but they are not taking effect.If i disable some login methods they are still available on the main forum page.Likewise if i click save, the settings still appear as if i had not modified them, what could be wrong.

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asked 2012-04-21 13:13:02 -0500
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Joseph's avatar Joseph (2012-07-24 16:28:46 -0500) edit
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1 Answer


Your cache setup could be wrong. Configure redis cache or memcached for the production use.

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answered 2012-04-21 13:18:51 -0500
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How exactly do you configure memcached setting in the settings file, i've tried messing around with the settings file but i just can't get it to work, and how to you test if memcached is actually working?

megabosx's avatar megabosx (2012-04-24 12:43:15 -0500) edit

Firstly - use pymemcache - the Python implementation. The C implementation is buggy. Django project has documentation for the cache setup, please have a look.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-04-24 15:09:00 -0500) edit

I'm getting the following error when i add the memcached settings as indicated in the docs: ImproperlyConfigured: Error importing middleware django.contrib.sessions.middleware: "No module named memcache"

megabosx's avatar megabosx (2012-04-26 01:08:49 -0500) edit

Take a look at hosting providers documentation on how to set up memcache for django. In this case you are missing a module indeed.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-04-26 08:53:54 -0500) edit

i followed the memcached setup procedure from the hosting provider, now im getting the following errors: in asbot.log; ImportError: No module named cache_db in server log: VariableDoesNotExist: Failed lookup for key [request] in u'[{}]' what could be the problem, i've switched to using postgres but still the same problem.

megabosx's avatar megabosx (2012-04-26 09:21:17 -0500) edit
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