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twitter login doesn't work

asked 2012-05-03 09:25:31 -0500

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updated 2012-05-05 11:40:25 -0500

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I followed all the instructions but I can't get the twitter login to work.

After I pass my twitter credentials it tries to log me in at a url that doesn't exist..

If I manually change the url it logs me in fine.

Do you know where I can alter this setting so the twitter login works fine?

The url it returns after logging in twitter is :

when it should be

do you know what am I doing wrong?

thank you

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-05-05 11:39:18 -0500

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updated 2012-05-05 11:49:23 -0500

Hello. I am also trying to configure OAuth for twitter these days and I had also some problems. Now, I am able to log in!

I am not sure about your configuration in twitter application, but have you set the Callback URL? Without this, in my case, login didnt work. I set this to point to my site/questions and then login worked.

If you haven't set this, please give it a try.

image description

Also, you can see this post

For your information, I am not able to post through Twitter and Linked in (at least I can login)

Please let me know if you have any progress.

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unfortunately that didn't do the trick for my setup. I haven't done any customization or anything. out of the box pretty much. I still get the same url after I click "authorize app" and I get a 404 on twitter. I'm trying to figure out where does it pick that url that has the "" instead of the "" in the url. thank you for the help so far !

uncle's avatar uncle  ( 2012-05-05 17:28:01 -0500 )edit

Well, I am not an expert, it is my first time that I am creating such an application. But what I can see is that in your twitter application, there is a tab (the 3rd tab) with name OAuth Tool. You can find there a setting with name Request URI. The default value there (in my case at least) is that looks like what you describe. But I haven't changed that.

alexandros.z's avatar alexandros.z  ( 2012-05-05 18:38:09 -0500 )edit

thanks for your efforts mate but I still get the same problem.. and it's pretty much out of the box so I can't think I've done something wrong.. Usually those kind of things are getting done in few minutes , first time I had to hassle around that much.. anyway I'll keep on troubleshooting and I'll let you know if I succeeded something.. thanks again for your support Alexandros

uncle's avatar uncle  ( 2012-05-07 05:14:48 -0500 )edit

answered 2014-04-15 07:55:51 -0500

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Click on Twitter Forgot password link and it will send you new password as per your choice.

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