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Czech translation for Askbot

Hi, I'm project manager of an AskBot fork which will include some of the features (we'll go public soon, stay tuned).

We'd like to contribute at least Czech translations back to AskBot, so please is it possible to approve it on There will be more contributors soon.

Note: We also decided to remove url translations, because it's not native django (since 1.4) and because we switch languages dynamically in runtime (per user). Present implementation takes in when python starts, so it's unusable in multiple requests (different languages) per web server process/thread environment. Porting askbot to django 1.4 would be nice, but is out of our scope :( We would like to contribute back more, but we do lot of code cleaning/refactor/feature disabling, so it's merely impossible. Feel free to contact me if intrested.

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Vašek Chalupníček
asked 2012-11-02 08:30:52 -0500
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Hello, I have been just translating Askbot into Czech. I am not sure how to translate the string "real time Markdown editor". Could you please help me to find this feature here in Askbot so that I can see a correct translation context? Many thanks.

Kettner's avatar Kettner (2012-11-14 09:45:33 -0500) edit

@Kettner I cannot find this phrase anywhere in .js .html or .py files, just ignore this one.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-11-14 09:52:24 -0500) edit
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Thanks, approved your translation request on transifex.

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answered 2012-11-02 22:54:25 -0500
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