Changes in Askbot


  • Added ASKBOT_SPAM_CHECKER_TIMEOUT_SECONDS parameter to, defaults to 1s

  • Made moderation queue actions snappier by using optimistic UI update

  • fixes creation of duplicate moderation queue records when link and image moderation is enabled.

  • all uses of is_spam function is guarded by the check for askbot.conf.SPAM_FILTER_ENABLED setting

0.11.7 (May 15, 2023)

  • PR #928 - upgrades django-avatar (Bruno Guimarães, @brunobastosg)

0.11.6 (May 8, 2023)

  • added setting ASKBOT_SPAM_CHECKER_FUNCTION - default is askbot.spam_checker.akismet_spam_checker.is_spam

  • added a second spam checker alternative: askbot.spam_checker.askbot_spam_checker.is_spam which needs settings: ASKBOT_SPAM_CHECKER_API_KEY, ASKBOT_SPAM_CHECKER_API_URL

  • added a management command askbot_get_spam_training_set

  • added fields to Post model: marked_as_spam, marked_as_spam_at, marked_as_spam_by these fields are populated when marking user as spammer in the moderation queue

  • added signal askbot.signals.posts_marked_as_spam

0.11.5 (Apr 12, 2023)

  • Works with python 3.7-3.10

  • Rewrites the base theme.

  • New theme is responsive across all reasonable screen sizes

  • When groups are enabled - per group permissions to post questions/answers/comments are respected

  • Adds settings “Allow uploading file attachments in posts” and “Allow uploading images in posts” to the “Forum data rules” section of the admin settings page

  • Adds question close reasons: “question is considered as answered” and “closed as inactive”

  • Supports OIDC authentication protocol

  • Adds blank state for the moderation queue

  • Adds management command askbot_markdownify_content - converts html markup to markdown

  • When groups are enabled, per-group permissions added: - can upload attachments - can upload images

  • Bug, PEP8 fixes

0.11.3, 0.11.4 (Apr 7, 2023)

  • Changelog not recorded, see update for 0.11.5

0.11.2 (Jan 21, 2022)

  • Supports Django up to version 3, tested with Python up to 3.7

  • Anonymize data and disable accounts

  • GDPR compliance (export data, cancel/request to cancel account)

  • Updated Facebook login Api to v3.2

0.10.2 (Dec 21, 2016)

  • Bug fixes for the previous version

0.10.1 (Nov 16, 2016)


  • Allow custom markdown parser via ASKBOT_MARKDOWN_CLASS setting

  • Applied Akismet check (if enabled) to editing of all content

  • Updated Facebook API to v2.2.

  • Unsubscribe link feature

  • User profile “about” section is per-language (localizable)

  • Tag names with diacritic characters are allowed

  • Inline editing of questions and answer

  • Markdown editor expands automatically

  • Added ASKBOT_LANGUAGE_MODE setting, which can be one of ‘single-lang’, ‘url-lang’, ‘user-lang’. The ‘user-lang’ option allows users to see posts of several user-selected languages in the single listing of questions. The ‘url-lang’ option shows questions in one listing per language.

  • Added option to close new account registrations

  • Added support of CAS protocol

0.10.0 (Dec 7, 2015)

  • Supports Django 1.8

  • Added management command askbot_rebuild_avatars

  • Added option to choose gravatar or default avatar for new users

  • Message on the feedback page is editable

  • Added support for the NoCaptcha recaptcha


Releases 0.10.x support Django 1.8, 0.9.x - Django 1.7, 0.7.x support Django 1.5, 0.8.x - 1.6 and to be used only to migrate to the higher versions of the Django framework from 1.5. See to download the latest available version.

0.7.53 (Apr 22, 2015)

  • Use prompt placeholders on all registration forms

  • Disable Google login by default because it is now OAuth2

0.7.52 (Apr 19, 2015)

  • Added account recovery form to the “complete registration” page to help prevent accidental creation of duplicate accounts

  • Support migration of Google OpenID accounts to G+

  • Added setting to allow comment updates show on the main page

  • Improved support of uploadable avatars

  • Added authentication via MediaWiki

  • Added option to specify ASKBOT_QUESTION_TITLE_RENDERER function

  • Added option to specify ASKBOT_HTML_MODERATOR function

  • Allowed reordering badges on the badges page via drag and drop

  • Added option to forbid commenting in closed questions

  • Added separate optional time limits to edit questions and answers

  • Added option to disable comments under questions or answers

  • Added management command askbot_recount_badges

  • Allowed adding custom badges via ASKBOT_CUSTOM_BADGES setting

  • Allowed enabling and disabling individual badges

  • Added “forbidden phrases” for the content moderation Posts containing these will be rejected outright, without placement on the moderation queue.

  • Added minimum reputation to delete own questions with answers

  • Added optional checkbox “accept terms of service” which being enabled, requires users to read and agree with the terms before signing up.

  • Added terms of service page

  • Allowed reverse ordering of comments

0.7.51 (Dec 15, 2014)

  • Bug fixes

0.7.50 (Nov 1, 2014)

  • Added email alert for moderators askbot_send_moderation_alerts

  • Implemented Google Plus login

  • Allowed localized site settings

  • Added management command askbot_clear_moderation_queue

  • Admins and Moderators can merge questions.

  • Improved moderation modes: flags, audit, premoderation. Watched user status, IP blocking, mass content removal.

  • Allow bulk deletion of user content simultaneously with blocking

  • Allow custom destination url under the logo

  • Option to allow asking without registration (Egil Moeller)

  • Implemented Mozilla Persona authentication

  • Allowed custom providers of gravatar service (michas2)

  • Allowed configurable custom OpenID login button

  • Allowed custom list of feedback recipients (Keto)

  • Added option to show user’s emails to the moderators

  • Added Read-Only mode for the site in the “access control” section.

  • Added askbot_add_osqa_content management command.

  • Management command to add data from other Askbot site.

  • Allowed simple overrides of livesettings with ASKBOT_… prefixed variables in the file.

0.7.49 (Sep 19, 2013)

  • Support for Solr search backend (Adolfo)

  • Allowed read-only access user groups (Adolfo)

  • Added simple read-only API (Adolfo)

  • Added “admin email” to livesettings (Evgeny)

  • Improved Zendesk import feature Kevin Porterfield, Shotgun Software<>_

  • Added backend support for the tag synonyms `pcompassion`_

  • Added management command apply_hinted_tags to batch-apply tags from a list (Evgeny)

  • Added hovercard on the user’s karma display in the header (Evgeny)

  • Added option to hide ad blocks from logged in users (Evgeny)

  • Applied Askbot templates to the settings control panel (Evgeny)

  • Added option to auto-follow questions by the question posters with default “on” (Evgeny)

  • Support for Django 1.5

  • Auto-tweet option for questions and answers

  • Added Chech and Croatian translations

  • Disable/enable best answer feature

  • Allowed post owners repost answers and comments (this used to be mod-only function).

  • Answer editor is “folded” by default. Editor buttons and options show on click.

  • Management command askbot_import_jive to import data from Jive forums.

  • Added possibility to choose editor for comments: plain text, or same as editor used for the questions or answers: WMD or TinyMCE.

  • Added ajax search to the tags page

  • Added a placeholder template for the custom javascript on the question page

  • Allowed to disable the big “ask” button.

  • Some support for the media compression (Tyler Mandry)

  • Allowed to enable and disable question scopes on the main page

  • Added full text support for some languages with Postgresql: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese (requires package textsearch_ja), Norwegian, Portugese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

  • repost answer as a comment under the previous (older) answer

  • minor edit option for question and answer, to suppress email alerts

  • allowed tags to be created upon marking them as interesting/ignored/subscribed

0.7.48 (Jan 28, 2013)

  • made “how to ask the question” instructions editable

  • added RSS auto-discovery link

  • added support for multilingual site (experimental)

  • tag subscription manager on the tags page (Adolfo)

0.7.47 (Dec 13, 2012)

  • Bugfix release

0.7.46 (Dec 12, 2012)

  • Bugfix release

0.7.45 (Dec 12, 2012)

  • Feedback sender’s email is added to the Reply-To header in the feedback form (Evgeny)

  • Reimplemented search as drop-down (Evgeny)

  • Basic design to work on smartphones (Evgeny)

  • Allowed use of alternative form on the user signup page (Evgeny)

0.7.44 (Nov 11, 2012)

  • Support for django 1.4 (Adolfo)

  • Added option to enable/disable rss feeds (Evgeny)

  • Added minimum reputation to insert links and hotlinked images (Evgeny)

  • Added minimum reputation to suggest links as plain text (Evgeny)

  • Added support of Haystack for search (Adolfo)

  • Added minimum reputation setting to accept any answer as correct (Evgeny)

  • Added “VIP” option to groups - if checked, all posts belong to the group and users of that group in the future will be able to moderate those posts. Moderation features for VIP group are in progress (Evgeny)

  • Added setting NOTIFICATION_DELAY_TIME to use with enabled celery daemon (Adolfo)

  • Added setting ASKBOT_INTERNAL_IPS - to allow anonymous access to closed sites from dedicated IP addresses (Evgeny)

  • Moved default skin from askbot/skins/default to simply askbot (Evgeny)

  • Repost comment as answer (Adolfo)

  • Question list widget (Adolfo)

  • Ask a question widget (Adolfo)

  • Embeddable widget generator (Adolfo)

  • Groups are shown in the dropdown menu in the header (Adolfo)

  • Added group moderation requests to the moderators inboxes (Evgeny)

  • Group joining may be open/closed or moderated (Evgeny)

  • Adding “extra options” to the ldap session (Evgeny)

  • Tag moderation (Evgeny)

  • Editable optional three level category selector for the tags (Evgeny)

  • Tag editor adding tags as they are typed (Evgeny)

  • Added optional support for unicode slugs (Evgeny)

  • Allow switching comment with answer and answer with question comment (Adolfo)

  • Allow user names longer than 30 characters (Evgeny)

  • Option to disable feedback form for the anonymos users (Evgeny)

  • Optional restriction to have confirmed email address to join forum (Evgeny)

  • Optional list of allowed email addresses and email domain name for the new users (Evgeny)

  • Optional support for unicode slugs (Evgeny)

  • Optionally allow limiting one answer per question per person (Evgeny)

  • Added management command build_livesettings_cache (Adolfo)

  • Administrators can post under fictional user accounts without logging out (jtrain, Evgeny)

  • Welcome email for the case when replying by email is enabled (Evgeny)

  • Detection of email signature based on the response to the welcome email (Evgeny)

  • Hide “website” and “about” section of the blocked user profiles to help prevent user profile spam (Evgeny)

  • Added a function to create a custom user profile tab, the feature requires access to the server (Evgeny)

  • Added optional top banner to the question page (Evgeny)

  • Made “bootstrap mode” default and created instead “large site mode” (Evgeny)

  • Added interesting/ignored/subscribed tags to the user profile page (Paul Backhouse, Evgeny)

0.7.43 (May 14, 2012)

  • User groups (Evgeny)

  • Public/Private/Hidden reputation (Evgeny)

  • Enabling/disabling the badges system (Evgeny)

  • Created a basic post moderation feature (Evgeny)

  • Created a way to specify reasons for rejecting posts in a modal dialog (Evgeny)

  • A number of bug fixes (Adolfo Fitoria, Jim Tittsler, Evgeny Fadeev, Robin Stocker, Radim Řehůřek, Silvio Heuberger)

0.7.41, 0.7.42 (April 21, 2012)

  • Bug fixes

0.7.40 (March 29, 2012)

  • New data models!!! (Tomasz Zieliński)

  • Made email recovery link work when askbot is deployed on subdirectory (Evgeny)

  • Added tests for the CSRF_COOKIE_DOMAIN setting in the startup_procedures (Evgeny)

  • Askbot now respects django’s staticfiles app (Radim Řehůřek, Evgeny)

  • Fixed the url translation bug (Evgeny)

  • Added left sidebar option (Evgeny)

  • Added “help” page and links to in the header and the footer (Evgeny)

  • Removed url parameters and the hash fragment from uploaded files - amazon S3 for some reason adds weird expiration parameters (Evgeny)

  • Reduced memory usage in data migrations (Evgeny)

  • Added progress bars to slow data migrations (Evgeny)

  • Added a management command to build_thread_summary_cache (Evgeny)

  • Added a management delete_contextless_badge_award_activities (Evgeny)

  • Fixed a file upload issue in FF and IE found by jerry_gzy (Evgeny)

  • Added test on maximum length of title working for utf-8 text (Evgeny)

  • Added caching and invalidation to the question page (Evgeny)

  • Added a management command delete_contextless_activities (Evgeny)

  • LDAP login configuration (github user monkut)

  • Check order of middleware classes (Daniel Mican)

  • Added “reply by email” function (Vasil Vangelovski)

  • Enabled “ask by email” via Lamson (Evgeny)

  • Tags can be optional (Evgeny)

  • Fixed dependency of Django up to 1.3.1, because settings must be upgraded for Django 1.4 (Evgeny)

0.7.39 (Jan 11, 2012)

  • restored facebook login after FB changed the procedure (Evgeny)

0.7.38 (Jan 11, 2012)

  • xss vulnerability fix, issue found by Radim Řehůřek (Evgeny)

0.7.37 (Jan 8, 2012)

  • added basic slugification treatment to question titles with ALLOW_UNICODE_SLUGS = True (Evgeny)

  • added verification of the project directory name to make sure it does not contain a . (dot) symbol (Evgeny)

  • made askbot compatible with django’s CSRFViewMiddleware that may be used for other projects (Evgeny)

  • added more rigorous test for the user name to make it slug safe (Evgeny)

  • made setting ASKBOT_FILE_UPLOAD_DIR work (Radim Řehůřek)

  • added minimal length of question title ond body text to live settings and allowed body-less questions (Radim Řehůřek, Evgeny)

  • allowed disabling use of gravatar site-wide (Rosandra Cuello Suñol)

  • when internal login app is disabled - links to login/logout/add-remove-login-methods are gone (Evgeny)

  • replaced setting ASKBOT_FILE_UPLOAD_DIR with django’s MEDIA_ROOT (Evgeny)

  • replaced setting ASKBOT_UPLOADED_FILES_URL with django’s MEDIA_URL (Evgeny)

  • allowed changing file storage backend for file uploads by configuration (Evgeny)

  • file uploads to amazon S3 now work with proper configuration (Evgeny)

0.7.36 (Dec 20, 2011)

  • bugfix and made the logo not used by default

0.7.35 (Dec 15, 2011)

0.7.34 (Dec 10, 2011)

  • Returned support of Django 1.2

0.7.33 (Dec 6, 2011)

  • Made on log in redirect to the forum index page by default and to the question page, if user was reading the question it is still possible to override the next url parameter or just rely on django’s LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL (Evgeny)

  • Implemented retraction of offensive flags (Dejan Noveski)

  • Made automatic dependency checking more complete (Evgeny)

0.7.32 (Nov 30, 2011)

  • Bugfixes in English locale (Evgeny)

0.7.31 (Nov 29, 2011)

  • Added askbot_create_test_fixture management command (Dejan Noveski)

  • Integrated new test fixture into the page load test cases (Dejan Noveski)

  • Added an embeddable widget for the questions list matching tags (Daniel Mican, Evgeny Fadeev, Dejan Noveski)

0.7.30 (Nov 28, 2011)

Note: some of these features were added in one of the three previous versions.

  • Context-sensitive RSS url (Dejan Noveski)

  • Implemented new version of skin (Byron Corrales)

  • Show unused vote count (Tomasz Zielinski)

  • Categorized live settings (Evgeny)

  • Merge users management command (Daniel Mican)

  • Added management command send_accept_answer_reminders (Evgeny)

  • Improved the askbot-setup script (Adolfo, Evgeny)

  • Merge users management command (Daniel Mican)

  • Anonymous caching of the question page (Vlad Bokov)

  • Fixed sharing button bug, css fixes for new template (Alexander Werner)

  • Added ASKBOT_TRANSLATE_URL setting for url localization(Alexander Werner)

  • Changed javascript translation model, moved from jqueryi18n to django (Rosandra Cuello Suñol)

  • Private forum mode (Vlad Bokov)

  • Improved text search query in Postgresql (Alexander Werner)

  • Take LANGUAGE_CODE from request (Alexander Werner)

  • Added support for LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL to the login app (hjwp, Evgeny)

  • Updated Italian localization (Luca Ferroni)

  • Added Catalan localization (Jordi Bofill)

  • Added management command askbot_add_test_content (Dejan Noveski)

  • Continued work on refactoring the database schema (Tomasz Zielinski)

0.7.27 - 0.7.29 (Nov 8-28, 2011)

For these versions we did not keep consistent record of features.

0.7.26 (Oct 12, 2011)

  • Added settings for email subscription defaults (Adolfo)

  • Resolved `bug #102<>`_ - duplicate notifications on posts with mentions (Evegeny)

  • Added color-animated transitions when urls with hash tags are visited (Adolfo)

  • Repository tags will be automatically added to new releases (Evgeny, suggsted by ajmirsky)

0.7.25 (Oct 5 2011)

  • RSS feed for individual question (Sayan Chowdhury)

  • Allow pre-population of tags via ask a questions link (Adolfo)

  • Make answering own question one click harder (Adolfo)

  • Bootstrap mode (Adolfo, Evgeny)

  • Color-animated urls with the hash fragments (Adolfo)


  • Made it possible to disable the anonymous user greeting alltogether (Raghu Udiyar)

  • Added annotations for the meanings of user levels on the “moderation” page. (Jishnu)

  • Auto-link patterns - e.g. to bug databases - are configurable from settings. (Arun SAG)


  • Greeting for anonymuos users can be changed from live settings (Hrishi)

  • Greeting for anonymous users is shown only once (Rag Sagar)

  • Added support for Akismet spam detection service (Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Added noscript message (Arun SAG)

  • Support for url shortening with TinyUrl on link sharing (Rtnpro)

  • Allowed logging in with password and email in the place of login name (Evgeny)

  • Added config settings allowing adjust license information (Evgeny)


  • Media resource revision is now incremented automatically any time when media is updated (Adolfo Fitoria, Evgeny Fadeev)

  • First user automatically becomes site administrator (Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Avatar displayed on the sidebar can be controlled with livesettings.(Adolfo Fitoria, Evgeny Fadeev)

  • Avatar box in the sidebar is ordered with priority for real faces.(Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Django’s createsuperuser now works with askbot (Adolfo Fitoria)


This version was skipped


  • Added support for login via self-hosted Wordpress site (Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Allowed basic markdown in the comments (Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Added this changelog (Adolfo Fitoria)

  • Added support for threaded emails (Benoit Lavigne)

  • A few more Spanish translation strings (Byron Corrales)

  • Social sharing support on (Rantadeep Debnath)




  • Adding test for UserNameField.

  • Adding test for markup functions.


  • Admins can add aministrators too.

  • Added a postgres driver version check in the start procedures due to a bug in psycopg2 2.4.2.

  • New inbox system style (bug reported by Tomasz P. Szynalski).


  • Fixed integration with Django 1.1.

  • Fixed bugs in setup script.

  • Fixed pypi bugs.