This page summarizes additional information that might be useful for deployment of development of askbot.


At askbot we use git to keep track of the source code, and the main repository is hosted at github.

With git you can always grab the latest code of askbot from the latest askbot code:

git clone git://

Do some customization by editing files and then:

git add <list-of-changed-files>
git commit -m 'explain why you have changed some files'

Bring updates from the main repo:

git git fetch origin master:github #.. onto a local branch called github
git checkout master
git merge github

If all goes well, you are done. Otherwise, you may need to resolve the conflict.

Here is a good basic tutorial about git, more comprehensive ones here and there. Finally, you also may want to visit the official git reference and documentation. There are screencasts too.


Pip is the best package management tool for python, allows to install and unistall python packages, supports installation from source code repositories and much more.

For more information about pip, including its installation, please visit the pip package page and the links within.