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I'm giving my first steps with python/django/mezzanine so please bear with me.

I modified a translation file and compiled it ok.

The translated file belongs to mezzanine's blog application and the only place I found out I could place it to test was at the blog app's locale folder (~/MY_VIRTUAL_ENV/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mezzanine/blog/locale/es/LC_MESSAGES).

It worked fine, but my guts tell me there has to be a way I can have this file(s) in some other location WITHIN my own mezzanine application so:

  1. I can easily maintain it and
  2. I don't have to keep my whole virtual environment in my SCM's repository.

Am I in the right track? If so, where should I place my new own translation files?

Thanks a lot in advanced