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I ended up editing askbot/templates/widgets/question_summary.html file. I created a new html under widgets, called user_card_small.html. This is because user_card.html gives relatively big avatar to put near voting boxes.

Here is question_summary.html change. I used votes again, I was lazy to change style.css :)

<div class="votes">                                                      
    {% with question.get_owner() as theuser %}               
    {% include 'widgets/user_card_small.html' %}             
    {% endwith %}                                            

Here is user_card_small.html

{% import "macros.html" as macros %}
    thumbnail for the user - shown on the users listings
    and elsewhere
<div class="user-card">
    {{ macros.gravatar(theuser, 40) }}

Only problem though, it doesn't appear nice on the block since user_card has different size than voting box. Even though I played with css a bit, I couldn't get to fit it in the box.