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Hi Evgeny and Biron and everybody involved in the new skin,

first of all congratulations, the facelift was really necessary. A number of comments:

  • Top bar (Home | About Askbot | ...) is visually similar to the actual top bar (Sign in, tags, ...), but functionally different --> not good.
  • Yvonne Kaffeesatz makes a nice font for headings, but shouldn't be used for body font, especially in small font sizes (use on the main page for question titles is also questionable, not very readable).
  • Core elements (block containing a question with all controls and additional info, block for answers, block for comments etc.) should stand out from the rest of the page. Suggestion: make them white blocks with borders and give the rest of the page a slightly darker tint (ie. via background-color)
  • margins seem pretty random, please rethink the grid (may also ameliorate the aforementioned issue - check e.g. the revamped youtube design, they have a brilliantly clear and readable display of comments)

Well, there's still a lot of nit-picky stuff if you want to masturbate on pixel-perfection ;-) But I think those four issues are my primary concerns.