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Karma/reputation calculation error on question downvotes

asked 2013-02-18 08:56:17 -0600

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I'm one of the frequent user of this recently opened Q/A site, based on AskBot, http: // Some bugs have been already reported by other users and today I detected another one and asked on the site. But after some deliberation we concluded that is should be an AskBot issue so I'm posting the question here.

I just downvoted the following question 500 internal error: http:// And loosed 2 karma points. I'm ok with that, I'm working for the community.

Then I "unvoted" my downvote and got a +1...Hmmm, I thought I was going to get back my +2 karma points. So what occurs if I downvote again, does it will take away one or two karma points? Gotcha! It took away 2 karma points. I think if I downvote and undo it, it should at least add back the 2 karma points that where removed.

Wanted to add an image but I'm not allowed until karma>20. Please check the question on the site to check the image. Just in case, here is the text version.

Your karma change log
0    -2    500 internal error (1 hours ago)
1     0    500 internal error (1 hours ago)
0    -2    500 internal error (1 hours ago)

PS: not enough karma for the links, sorry for the mess

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answered 2013-02-19 08:51:07 -0600

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There is a setting for the karma restore after canceling a downvote, but interestingly enough it's not the opposite of the karma loss by default:

Gain for voter on canceling downvote | Default value: 1

Administrators on the site just changed the settings to mimic SE as much as possible, though there's no separate setting for downvoting an answer vs a question:

Loss for giving a downvote: -1 
Gain for voter on canceling downvote: 1 
Loss for owner of post that was downvoted: -2 
Gain for post owner on canceled downvote: 2
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