Upload files broken in IE9 and IE10

asked 2014-03-25 09:18:59 -0600

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File upload is broken on IE9, while it works fine on IE11. Trying compatibilty modes with F12 we see that IE8 is ok, IE9 and IE10 is not. We are using version 0.7.43, but bug is present on this forum.

The problem is in editor.js, row 16.

;if(window.ActiveXObject){var c=document.createElement('<iframe id="'+a+'" name="'+a+'" />');

Error message is:

SCRIPT 5022 DOM exception invalid character err 5

The cause of this is that some versions of IE does not accept complete tags in createElement. (Google createElement and MSDN for details as I don't have karma to post link)

For IE9 and IE10 the proper way should be something like:

var c=document.createElement('iframe');c.setAttribute('id',a);c.setAttribute(name,a)
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