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Update on Hosting - where's best

Does anyone have any new ideas about hosting Askbot on cloud servers? For instance.. any recent experience on Amazon, Google App Engine, Rackspace, etc? thanks

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asked 2010-06-06 14:02:40 -0500
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Frankly I don't know enough about the "cloud" stuff yet.

edit - so I hope somebody else can give a real answer :).

In theory adapting to Amazon EC2 and Rackspace should be possible, in fact there are some search results on "django EC2". Looks like you can make relational storage work on amazon services and rackspace and askbot relies on a relational database.

At the moment askbot does not support non-relational storage engines and it's not likely to change soon. Switching to that will require quite a deep rewrite - that's what I can tell based on my limited knowledge of App Engine data store, I don't know anything about others. So right now all that is only theory that bounces in head :).

Just putting out links to relevant products:

Amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2)

Rackspace scalable sites.

Google AppEngine

As far as I know only AppEngine is the only cloud hosting provider that supports django specifically and all I can say is "further research is needed".

Regarding practical hosting solution in general I recommend looking into traditional "django friendly" hosting providers.

Thanks for asking.


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updated 2010-06-06 19:55:23 -0500, answered 2010-06-06 16:24:46 -0500
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It's been a year since the last post. Are there any new suggestions for hosting (which make installation easy for complete web django/py beginners)? Cloud based hosting update (does rackspace now support django, etc)?

Brett's avatar Brett (2011-09-06 20:09:32 -0500) edit

For the beginners, perhaps the new kind of hosting is something specifically taylored for django -, and maybe some other similar services. Not sure if they are cheaper - take a look at their pricing plans, but they promise simpler deployments, otherwise it's the same as last year. There are a bunch of sites out there reviewing traditional hosting providers supporting django. Personally I'd go for an inexpensive vps, because you will have root access and will not have to unload a lot of money.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2011-09-06 20:27:52 -0500) edit

I recently went through the troubles of setting up askbot on amazon beanstalk and after a few days really got it working (S3 for statics and SES for email included). I documented it here, if you want to take a look:

lightyear's avatar lightyear (2013-03-18 11:19:17 -0500) edit
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