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award_badges command broken?

asked 2010-12-10 07:28:58 -0600

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updated 2010-12-10 21:49:38 -0600

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If I attempt to use the once_award_badges/multi_award_badges commands, I get an exception in the command script.

Looks like "Badge" is no longer in the askbot models so the line

from askbot.models import User, Activity, Badge, Award, Question, Answer


Is the award command no longer necessary in the cron job? If so, the askbot_cron_job file should be updated.

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1 Answer

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answered 2010-12-10 12:28:20 -0600

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updated 2010-12-10 21:49:26 -0600

Benoit, sorry those commands are no longer needed - I forgot to delete them. Badges are now awarded without cron.

edit: now removed those from the code.

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Asked: 2010-12-10 07:28:58 -0600

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