Editor shortcuts interfere with Polish keyboard layout

Evgeny, you have the same bug StackExchange used to have :)

When I try to type the Polish letters ł ó or ż, I get "insert hyperlink", "ordered list" and "undo" instead, respectively.

In the Polish keyboard layout these letters are typed as AltGr+L, AltGr+O and AltGr+Z. AltGr is right-hand Alt. When I press AltGr in the Polish (and many other) keyboard layout, your JS script sees that as Alt+Ctrl and executes the action for Ctrl+L, Ctrl+O, etc. (it does not check if Alt is pressed).

There is a simple fix: when you detect a shortcut, you should execute the appropriate command only if (Ctrl == true && Alt == false), not just (Ctrl == true).

I can provide a fix to the JS if that would help.

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Tomasz P. Szynalski
asked 2011-06-14 18:20:39 -0500
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Have you fixed this?

daftu's avatar daftu (2014-06-22 10:46:05 -0500) edit
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