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"502 Bad Gateway" when editing badge awards in admin

When I try to edit a badge award in Django Admin (e.g., navigate to /admin/askbot/award/3/) on my hosted site, I get a "502 Bad Gateway" error.

The error only seems to occur when I reference an existing badge award record. If I try to go to e.g., /admin/askbot/award/4/ when record 4 does not exist, I get a 404 page as expected.

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asked 2012-03-18 22:10:36 -0500, updated 2012-04-14 15:41:06 -0500
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1 Answer


Users should not be editing admin interface really - I never do, only very occasionall

Of course this is a bug, but really should not be exposed to the UI. Are you trying to create new badges? It's impossible (except maybe some special cases) - because badges come with some code that cannot be edited via the UI.

Also - the objects you were trying to edit are actually badge awards - they link badges with the users who receive them.

I think we should disable the largest part of the admin interface and leave only the "safe parts" for the site admins to edit.

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answered 2012-03-18 22:16:43 -0500
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I'm inclined to agree with that last sentence. I came across the behavior while I was exploring the admin side of things. I had no specific intentions; it was more like, "Ooh, shiny! I wonder what it does...."

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-03-19 16:38:37 -0500) edit
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