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Social Sharing fails silently if JSONP request fails

I attempted to share a link to a question on my Askbot hosted site on Facebook. I clicked on the Facebook icon, but nothing happened. I clicked on it a few times, and nothing continued to happen:

Social sharing buttons.

I checked my web inspector, and I noticed that the JSONP request was getting a 503 response:

Screen shot of web inspector indicating that the request to was returning a 503.

(right-click and select "Open Image in New Tab" to view full-size)

There should probably be some kind of feedback when these requests fail.

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asked 2012-04-24 23:03:15 -0500, updated 2013-01-06 19:13:12 -0500
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Also, something should be done about those pesky 503 errors, but aside from that, we need better feedback when the requests fail (:

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-04-24 23:03:59 -0500) edit

Also also, the notice about event.layerX and event.layerY being deprecated also occurs when I click on the Facebook icon as well (also present in the screenshot).

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-04-24 23:05:54 -0500) edit
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1 Answer


Seems to be a problem with and google app engine, we'll have to change this provider because it will fail if their free GAE quota is exceeded.

I've just tried to share with fb on your site and it worked.

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answered 2012-04-25 10:28:04 -0500
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Verified. Thanks!

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-04-25 12:15:27 -0500) edit

Hi, 7 months later and the problem still exists. Can you either exchange the provider or just use the full URL if tinyurl replies with 503?

siovene's avatar siovene (2012-11-08 00:00:45 -0500) edit

Hey, I wrote a patch to disable tinyurl and optionally provide one's own short url for questions:

siovene's avatar siovene (2012-11-08 06:07:29 -0500) edit
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