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Where is defined askbot['functions']


I want know where is defined the js functions that askbot use, for example, I want see the code for askbot['functions']['renderAddCommentButton'] but I not know where is defined??

Can you help me with this?

Best Regards

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asked 2012-05-19 13:06:37 -0500
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Just a note - these functions must be written in pure javascript, without jquery or anything else, because these functions run before any javascript files are loaded. We need these to dynamically update display of some parts before the pages load completely. Since it is pure js - the cross browser support must be considered.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-19 13:33:55 -0500) edit

@Evgeny, notifications in this community do not work lately, do they? (sorry for posting this here, I didn't want to make a whole new thread for this.

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-19 13:40:33 -0500) edit

Hmm, I am getting email alerts. Are you missing some?

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-19 13:50:47 -0500) edit

I want add a new functionality to askbot using the comment section, then, I need change the default comment form for one like new_answer form but the new form will continue store the content as a comment. What is the best way to do this?

darkness51's avatar darkness51 (2012-05-19 13:52:59 -0500) edit

Well, I got this one, but I didn't get the one from the comment in my answer here. Also, yesterday the same, under an answer of mine, there were comments, and only by chance I happen to realize it. Who knows, maybe now its working again..

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-19 13:53:40 -0500) edit
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1 Answer


I see in file /skins/default/templates/question.html, there is this line

askbot['functions']['renderAddCommentButton'] = render_add_comment_button;

and lower in the same file there is the definition of render_add_comment_button. Is that you re looking for?

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answered 2012-05-19 13:13:17 -0500
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Yes, thank you :)

darkness51's avatar darkness51 (2012-05-19 13:34:42 -0500) edit

zaf, do you get a notification for this one?

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-19 14:23:14 -0500) edit

@zaf, how about this one? here I've added a mention too.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-05-19 14:23:35 -0500) edit

Notifications seem to work fine! Thanks

zaf's avatar zaf (2012-05-19 14:52:59 -0500) edit

@Evgeny, @zaf if I need a new form with an editor like new answer, how I can do?

darkness51's avatar darkness51 (2012-05-19 18:06:30 -0500) edit
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