Accepting a previously unaccepted answer should not grant additional karma to author

I noticed while reviewing my karma change log on my hosted site that I gained too much reputation from a particular sequence of events:

Screenshot of karma activity log showing double-credit for an answer that was accepted, unaccepted and then re-accepted.

My answer to the question Notarizing and Apostilling US Documents was accepted as the best answer, then unaccepted (probably because the question owner accidentally double-clicked), and then re-accepted.

The end result is that I received 25 reputation from my post, when I should only have received 15 (re-accepting the answer should have canceled out the unaccept penalty, not re-applied the accept bonus).

I worked around the issue for now by setting the unaccept penalty from -5 to -15.

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asked 2012-05-26 10:20:25 -0500
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