Viewing deleted question from an anonymoususer internal error

When an AnonymousUser (like googlebot) or any not signed in user attempts to visit a link to a deleted post there is an internal error.

The error is an AttributeError in this file: on line 395

        show_comment = models.Post.objects.get_comments().get(id=show_comment)
    except models.Post.DoesNotExist:
        error_message = _(
            'Sorry, the comment you are looking for has been '
            'deleted and is no longer accessible'
        request.user.message_set.create(message = error_message)
        return HttpResponseRedirect(question_post.thread.get_absolute_url())

the line request.user.message_set.create(message = error_message) will raise an AttributeError if request.user is AnonymousUser because it does not have the message_set property.

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asked 2012-06-14 03:16:38 -0500
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This does not affect anonymous users, because in our case anonymous user class is patched to have the message set. Do you have a traceback to look at? If you add your email address to the ADMINS in the you should be getting them by email.

Evgeny's avatar Evgeny (2012-06-14 19:21:12 -0500) edit

I'm migrating the site to a newer askbot version. Perhaps the problem is already fixed in yours. Also I may have edited the code by hand at some point and introduced a bug. A fresh install should sort it out. Cheers.

Jtrain's avatar Jtrain (2012-06-27 10:31:38 -0500) edit
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