Comments "see more" doesn't show up in explorer

asked 2012-08-15 11:43:24 -0600

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updated 2012-08-15 13:06:25 -0600

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Hello, I've had lots of comments on a single question but on Internet Explorer version 8 (haven't checked 9) the show/more comments doesn't appear.

There is a javascript error in the this code:

        if (Modernizr.history) {
          // history management works!
        } else {
          // no history support :(
          //hash = unescape(window.location.hash).replace('#','').split("?")[0]
          hash = History.unescapeHash(window.location.hash).replace('#','').split("?")[0]
          if (hash.substring(0,11)==askbot['urls']['questions']){
            url = hash
            url = askbot['urls']['questions']+hash
          if (hash !== ''){
              window.location = 'http://'

        // focus input on the search bar endcomment



It looks like askbot['urls']['questions'] isn't defined anywhere. Anyway, the problem is a little sporadic in Internet explorer. I'm not entirely sure of the real cause, and if that javascript error had anything to do with it.

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