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Custom domain name for hosted site

I'm in the process registering a new domain name for my hosted site (:

  • What do I need to do to get my new domain name to point to my site?
  • Can I get the subdomain to redirect to my new domain?
  • Is there anything else that I need to do (e.g., update the site entry in Django admin)?
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asked 2012-10-12 00:41:00 -0500, updated 2012-10-12 00:41:30 -0500
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1 Answer


We will change the domain name for you, no problems, but there will be issue with some login methods as they are tied to your domain name.

There may be a technical solution, but you might also tell your users to recover their accounts via email or ask creating a password before you change the domain name.

We will have to make the change on our end, there is no user-facing UI for the domain name change at the moment.

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answered 2012-10-12 00:44:05 -0500, updated 2012-10-12 00:49:37 -0500
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Sounds good. I will ping you when the new domain is ready. I'm super excited (:

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-10-12 02:02:30 -0500) edit

The new domain is ready! is coming soon!

todofixthis's avatar todofixthis (2012-10-15 23:19:57 -0500) edit
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