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Is it possible to disable alerts for edits within a certain grace period?

asked 2012-11-02 15:16:06 -0600

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Very often my users seem to write an answer or comment, then perform several edits in the next few minutes.

This generates a lot of alerts (both on-site, and instant emails when enabled), and can be very annoying.

Is there a way to say that edits within, say, 15 minutes, are not alerted again?

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answered 2012-11-02 16:49:52 -0600

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If you set up celery daemon and set CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=False in your email alerts will be delayed and the later edit will "win". Also this will help the application respond faster because email alerts will be sent asynchronously.

With CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=True you'll be getting one email per edit.

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Thanks. And what about on-site notifications? Can I do the same for those?

siovene's avatar siovene  ( 2012-11-03 05:20:26 -0600 )edit

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