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How does askbot search work?

When I type "Django 1.5" in the search field on askbot home page. A list drops down from the search field which I assume is a list of questions related to Django 1.5, but I couldn't see any relavent questions.

It seems to be the same when I click the search button to go to the search result page. If I search for "Django 1.5", the first question is How translate live search which has nothing to do with Django 1.5 and yet it is the first on the result page.

Looking at the questions and the tags of the question, most of them don't have much to do with Django 1.5. The question askbot django 1.5 has the search keyword in the question and the correct tag, also it is a recent entry, but it is the tenth question on the result page.

I am not sure how does askbot search work or am I missing something?