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The best workflow to develop Askbot

I've been using askbot for a while and feel extremely happy with it. However, it comes to a point where I need some customization, for example:

  • Change existing Askbot Javascript code
  • Add new custom javascript file to the site
  • Change some UI-wise feature (add small description to the homepage)
  • Add new functionality: add invite to answer feature
  • Integrate search with Lucene to search inside comment, uploaded files, etc.

So, my thought is to fork Askbot and develop on a independent source branch myself. I can pull changes from the original source if you have any update later.

In the documentation, you mentioned about setting up a development environment:

python develop #the develop option will not install askbot into the python site packages directory

but is this the correct way if I want to deploy the source code to production server? (You're using pip install askbot to deploy it to production, which is great, but how can I create the package from the source code in git). Is there any kind of developer guide for kick-starting my askbot development (I'm very new to Python/Django development)?