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Question title reset by history navigation

Steps to reproduce problem:

  1. Start quicksearching for a question
  2. Click on "Ask your question" at the bottom of the quick search.
  3. Note that the question defaults to your quick search terms.
  4. Type a new question title.
  5. Navigate away from the ask page (e.g. accidentally click on a link)
  6. Press Back to get back to the ask page

Expected result: All fields retain their values when you left the page.

Actual result: Question title is reset to the quick search terms.

Workaround: Instead of pressing Back to get to the question, click on the main "ASK YOUR QUESTION" button, and your draft will be reloaded with the correct title. (This works even after you clicked Back to get back to the ask page, as long as you don't edit anything.)