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should email from askbot be improved?

The other day I decided to try receiving "instant" email notifications from the askbot at asksage, and I think there are a few ways it could be improved, roughly along the lines of making email look more like the "responses" section of my user profile:

  • emails could contain the actual content of changes, or at least snippets; right now they just say something like "user X did something at question Y".

  • email subjects could the the same as question titles, whether the email is about a new question, new answer to an existing question, new comments, or edits of any of these. With this change, those who group e-mail by subject would have all email pertaining to a particular question grouped together. Currently the subject lines are something like "new answer for [question title]" or "new question comment about [question title]", which means they show up as separate threads in my Gmail.

  • default from address could be included. The email from asksage doesn't include a from address; this probably is a defect with their installation rather than askbot in general, but it might be helpful to include a default from name, at least (perhaps derived from the site name?).