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Overlapping heading messages in russian translation

First of all I wanna thank you very much for this great software! Really beautiful work!
I have a problem with overlapping messages (javascript?) in the russian translation, you can see it on the picture:
image description

I have shortened "Упорядочить по" to "сортировать", but it doesn't help, you can see that it overlaps with "закладки" and "RSS-канал" with "by votes". Another overlapping is in user profile, "подписки по email | модерация" covering "обновить профиль | управление методами". Can I fix it myself? If so, when to look into? :) And how can I translate "by date" and others sorts, I didn't find it in django.po.
The second question is - if I cloned code from github to update askbot version, should I run startforum again and will it rewrite my configuration files?

P.S. Have you some wiki page? I'm running askbot on nginx-uwsgi-virtualhost-virtualenv-multiple sites and it took a some time to found right configuration, so I'd like to share it.
Thank you very much for askbot!