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How to perform Template() on askbot setting?

I'm pretty new to Python, and Django is even more unfamiliar, but I was trying to find a simple hack that would process a text-based askbot setting using the Django Template() function, specifically here:

Where what I would like to do something remotely like:

if getattr(askbot_settings, 'FORUM_FAQ',''):
    faq = Template(FORUM_FAQ)
    return render_into_skin(faq, data, request)

which of course doesn't work for various reasons. My question is, what exactly are the intermediate steps to get something like this to work, so that FORUM_FAQ can contain template tags like {{settings.MIN_REP_TO_VOTE_UP}}, be processed to replace these tags, then fed into an HTTP request like faq.htm?

It seems like it should be pretty easy, but again, I don't know either python or django (or askbot) well enough to figure it out.