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Way to Update FAQ page & Karma point details?

I've been digging in to Askbot and I think the idea of rewarding active users is great. I think it is important to make sure it is clear and understandable to users WHY and HOW to earn these points.

It all started when I was trying to upvote a question and saw the popup message saying I needed 15 points (but no link or indication as to HOW I can earn them). I then searched this site but didn't find any clear indication about how the point system works.

After a bit more searching I noticed the tiny, tiny link on the footer of the website called "FAQ". This is a great start but think two things would be very helpful.

  1. Feature the FAQ link on the top bar by tags, people, badges, so it is more prominent and promotes info about points. We want active users.

  2. After reading the FAQ I felt that it would be helpful to have more details on this page. If the only way to earn points is by someone else upvoting your questions or answers then you have to somehow already have a base of users who can up-vote. How is this supposed to work? (Especially on new sites)

Thanks for all the hard work on this site!